Photo by: Paloma Kapitany

Photo by: Paloma Kapitany


Tanille Geib -Creator & Host

Tanille Geib is a Lover of Humans. She is a sexual health facilitator & curriculum developer, advocate, community leader, creative producer, erotic & social-art artist, writer, director, filmmaker, yoga teacher, intimacy coach, and birth doula. Tanille has always been passionate about pleasure, critical thinking, healthy expression of oneself, and the human condition. She has produced over 450 aritst’s in the past 14 years in Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria, she is honoured to learn and grow with so many talented folks, evoking projects, and favored moments in life.

Since doing this project four years ago, she remembers how much connection can come from humans simply having sleepovers; intimacy, laughter, important conversations. And she thought… well the world needs a bit more human connection right now and perhaps even some healing, so she brought back this project to evolve the concept even more. Why not have sleepovers with people/organizations/groups doing crucial work in this world to celebrate them, bring awareness to causes, fundraise some moola, and have some fun!




Hop Studios -Community Partner

Hop Studios is teaming up with Artist & Educator Tanille Geib to inspire change in this world as part of Hop Studios new mission, “Helping Other People.” For 2017-2018, Geib will be serving as Hop’s Artist-Not-In-Residence, traveling to different cities and countries in the next year sharing her two programs, Healthy Humans and The Sexuality Salon, and her social-art projects, including 30 Nights of Sleepovers, and the Painted Cock Series.

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Web sites. We make those."

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Paloma Kapitany -Art & Film Collaborator

Paloma Kapitany is an emerging filmmaker from West Coast Canada. She has always been in love with images and storytelling, especially through comic books, graphic novels and films. She has trained and worked with Robyn Unwin Media in Victoria, BC. Paloma is passionate about bringing femme voices and POC's stories to light. She has collaborated with Tanille on multiple film projects and looks forward to delving into this wild one!






Allen Custance -Media Manager

Allen likes bicycles and talking to people. And snuggling cats even though he is allergic to them.