30 Nights of Sleepovers is a social-art project created by Tanille Geib that encourages people to have fun sleepovers, have important discussions on what is going on in our world right now, and create some societal change.

How is this all going to happen?

Over the course of 30 nights in January 2018, Tanille and her art-film collaborator Paloma Kapitany will be having sleepovers with all types of folks in 4 cities across Canada! Specifically these dates: Victoria January 2-8, 2018; Vancouver January 9-16, 2018; Calgary January 17-24, 2018; and Toronto January 25-31, 2018.

Tanille has invited communities and people with passionate ideas about healing this world to get involved! We will be having sleepovers with friends, families, organizations, and communities to create connection and delve into critical thought about the world we all live in. We will be featuring beneficiaries in these communities so that you too can get involved by bringing awareness forward and supporting these groups financially. We will promote passion, explore the facets of current issues, fundraise for a cause, and invite society to heal together. You can see who our community hosts, our sleepover guests, and our beneficiaries are by checking out our blog.

While this is all happening, the pleasure of sleepovers and the healing of society, we are going to capture these meaningful moments through the lens of a camera by creating an art-doc film. Paloma Kapitany will be on the adventure every consensual step along the way to capture the beauty and resiliency of these human connections.

Want to get involved? Here are some options for you!

1) Be a sleepover guest by filling out this questionnaire.

2) Have your own sleepovers this month with your friends and discuss important causes to you! Document the sleepover and share with us by using #30nightsofsleepovers on social media and following us at @30nightsofsleepovers on Instagram.

3) Learn about causes and passions in Canada or your community. Share your leanings with others!

4) Donate to any of our hard working beneficiaries!

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions or inspirations, connect with us here.

A huge thank you to Hop Studios for powering this project!