Jackman Famjam -Sleepover Guests

Jackman Famjam -Sleepover Guests

Sleepover Night: January 9, 2018


Liz is a mom, actor, puppeteer and emerging theatre producer. She is the Interim Artistic Producer at Staircase Theatre, a puppeteer with the Cassie and Friends Society for kids with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and will be performing next in Little Mountain Lion's Mr Burns: a Post Electric Play as well as Alley Theatre and Staircase Theatre's co-production of Sebastian Kroon's The Burden of Life. As a mom, Liz loves seeing her kids dance, create and make people laugh (which they are pretty good at!).


Daphne is a 4 year old lover of everything girly. Dresses, fancy shoes, "makeup" and hair clips is her usual outfit for preschool. At preschool she adores her teachers, her best friend Sophia and is learning how to make good choices independent from her sometimes naughty friends.


Jake is two and a half. He loves playing with his big sister, "mama baba" and lying on the floor with a toy and singing by himself. Preschool is also a big hit in his life, he's so excited he barely says good-bye to his mom and sister every time he goes. 


Agnes is a energetic, loving grandmother to Daphne, Jake, and Robbie. She is always there to give big hugs at an event of family and friends. She is one heck of a community member within these diverse organizations and roles:

CoDevelopment Canada (on Board & various committees)

Metro Vancouver Alliance (on various committees, was Co-Chair of Housing Action Team until 2017)

Vancouver and District Labour Council (BC Forum rep & on various committees)

Council of Senior Citizens Organizations (on Board & various Committees, )

COSCO Seniors’ Health and Wellness Institute (on Board -Treasurer)

BC Federation of Retired Union Employees (Regional Rep & Rep to VDLC, Chair of Health Committee)

New Westminster/Burnaby NDP Riding Association (on Board & various committees)

New Westminster NDP Constituency Association (on Board & various committees)

Retired Physiotherapy Group

History of Physiotherapy Group

BC Health Coalition (Senior's Group)

(Committees that I am on involve Housing, Health, Income Security, Seniors’ Affairs, Women’s Affairs, Fundraising, Finance, etc)

Nurse Cookie -Sleepover Guest

Nurse Cookie -Sleepover Guest

Dr. Ray Hsu -Sleepover Guest

Dr. Ray Hsu -Sleepover Guest